Avoid Isolation and Live!


Lifelines for People with Hearing Loss is a worthy read in the New York Times which did well to raise awareness about the extraordinary challenges faced by millions of people who are hard of hearing.  It parlayed to medical evidence correlating progressive hearing loss and dementia; and it theorized that those who suffer gradual auditory decline may have “diminished cognitive reserve” due to “overworked brains” as they struggle to accommodate.

I was fascinated. I could relate, for example, how my mind goes into overdrive attempting to interpret visual cues all day. This new way of “listening” to you takes considerable mental effort to ascertain even a fraction of your abundant vocal eloquence now denied.

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Inspirational Blog ‘Resonates’

New blog by deaf  author ‘resonates’  

Lansdale, Pennsylvania – Brian Patrick Jensen is a Montgomery County, Pennsylvania resident, proud Father of two teenage daughters and a successful business executive.

“I have been blessed in every way.” Jensen observes with smile.  “Sure I had some auditory loss for a few years, but with hearing aids I was fine.”

That all changed in June 2010, when Jensen, who is now 50, suffered sudden dramatic hearing loss that left him profoundly and permanently deaf. “It felt like cold, dark, silence.” Jensen stoically recalls.  His steely choice of words gives pause.

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6 Things Resilient People Do

I revised my presentation on Perseverance for the benefit of the Hearing Loss Association of America (HLAA) Bucks County Chapter. I was honored to present at their local meeting in Richboro Pennsylvania on Monday June 11 amidst soft pretzels and Rita’s water ice.  No wonder so many people showed up!  The core discussion  focused on 6 things resilient people do.  As I always do, I promised to pass the slides on to all attendees.  So here’s the latest and greatest viewable below and downloadable from SlideShare. Read more

Presenting on Perseverance

I gave this presentation on Tuesday April 10, 2012 @ 7pm at the Clarke School for Hearing and Speech in Bryn Mawr, PA.  This lecture was sponsored by the Gen X of Delaware Valley, Montgomery County Chapter of the Hearing Loss Association of America. The group kindly asked me for copies of the slides, which I am happy to share with the world below.  You can download the presentation from SlideShare.  Read more