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Lansdale, Pennsylvania – Brian Patrick Jensen is a Montgomery County, Pennsylvania resident, proud Father of two teenage daughters and a successful business executive.

“I have been blessed in every way.” Jensen observes with smile.  “Sure I had some auditory loss for a few years, but with hearing aids I was fine.”

That all changed in June 2010, when Jensen, who is now 50, suffered sudden dramatic hearing loss that left him profoundly and permanently deaf. “It felt like cold, dark, silence.” Jensen stoically recalls.  His steely choice of words gives pause.

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Brian Patrick Jensen

Newly Deaf Executive Inspires Many

Lansdale, Pennsylvania – Brian Patrick Jensen is a 50-year-old Montgomery County, Pennsylvania businessman with a story to tell. Less than two years ago Jensen suffered sudden hearing loss.  As a result, Mr. Jensen—who could previously hear “just fine” with the help of high-amp hearing aids —is now profoundly deaf.

Despite the setback, the Lansdale father of two teenage daughters, remains extremely active and comes highly recommended as top human resources and corporate communications executive for his most recent full time employer. “It’s been tough, but the company was accommodating as we all learned to adjust,” Jensen says.,

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The Dream Still Lives!

Dreams Awake

19th Century Great Ones

Henry David Thoreau

Henry David Thoreau

Our truest life is when we are in our dreams awake. Henry David Thoreau, the great Transcendentalist, penned that. Awesome stuff. The 19th Century Great ones –Thoreau, Emerson, Lincoln, Twain– these are among my heroes of literature, social integrity and leadership. Of course, most of we motivational speaker-types love these guys! And why not? Together, in their Golden Day, they collectively redefined great speakers, great minds and just plain greatness. That’s why we wordsmith types delight to quote these literary masters in our own presentations and essays. Nothing like world-famous wit and wisdom to substantiate our own talking points!  My quotes may not be memorable; but when Henry David Thoreau has something to say about it, people listen! Read more


Speaking on Hearing

Brian Patrick Jensen speaking without hearing

Speaking Stints

I was recently giving a motivational talk about developing your skills and abilities. The gist of the message concerned taking responsibility for that which you can truly nourish (yourself) and stop blaming the world for things you cannot change. Good stuff.

I had about a half hour; so the message had to be short and snappy. It was one of those stage deals in an auditorium-sized facility with the big presentation screens on the side and me being able to work the center stage with a roaming microphone. My audience was 400 or so, most of whom didn’t know about my hearing condition.

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