Workplace double-dumb

Burning Firm

Last year, I marveled at a discussion string in a popular LinkedIn HR Network Group that fetched hundreds of comments over several months.  The topic: annual performance reviews. Again. It’s an age old debate that, for some inexplicable reason, persistently seems to strike nasty-nerve at the very core of the human resource management  profession.

But I honestly haven’t a business-clue why a debate seethes at all. Thus, my own flair for high-performance management burns firmly against conventional systems stubbornly stuck in workplace double-dumb. This common workplace folly consists of two equally stupid parts:

1.) Company-mandated performance appraisals
2.) Incremental annual increases to base salary

Do people perform jobs better because these programs exist? No. Is worker productivity improved as a direct result of performance appraisals and infrequent incremental upticks to base salary? Of course not.

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