Experience Without a Sound

Speaker Match

I recently joined (Note: originally written in August, 2011) a public speaker’s forum on LinkedIn, called SpeakerMatch.  There, I navigated to a discussion string which proffered the following for comment:

There are a million people who share YOUR story. What makes you stand out as a speaker? Why should anyone hire you? What makes you stand out? 

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Listening from the Heart

Sarah’s Speech

It is is June, 2010. The scene is an all-student assembly where faculty and proud parents join for a wonderful year-end elementary school tradition called “The Moving Up Ceremony.” Having now completed 6th grade, my then twelve-year-old daughter was chosen for the high honor of giving her class’s year-end speech. Sarah’s purpose: To share her veteran 6th-grade wisdom with underclassmen who would soon be “moving up.” Read more

Clear Captioned Gratitude

ClearCaptions for Mobile Use — Great Stuff!

Every Word You Say

I experienced triumph over pain last week that at-a-glance may seem unremarkable. It concerns a free iPhone App and real-time captioning service called ClearCaptions. It’s pretty nifty. ClearCaptions translates voice to text and allows me to see a callers words on my iPhone display. It works great—you say it, I see it. I talk back as normal and we enjoy a complete conversation. Simple. Read more

Speaking on Hearing

Brian Patrick Jensen speaking without hearing

I was recently giving a motivational talk about developing your skills and abilities. The gist of the message concerned taking responsibility for that which you can truly nourish (yourself) and stop blaming the world for things you cannot change. Good stuff. I had about a half hour; so the message had to be short and snappy. It was one of those stage deals in an auditorium-sized facility with the big presentation screens on the side and me being able to work the center stage with a roaming microphone. My audience was 400 or so, most of whom didn’t know about my hearing condition. Read more