Perseverance to Triumph

Perseverance to Triumph is Brian Patrick Jensen’s hallmark presentation and workshop on personal resilience and overcoming obstacles to achieve personal, business and career success.

More About this Presentation

Perseverance to Triumph is about overcoming life-changing setbacks and being better for it on the other side. Brian Patrick Jensen combines heartfelt inspiration with practical action steps to increase personal resilience and emerge stronger through hardship:

  • Learn why some people are more resilient than others when personal crisis hits
  • Discover how you too can choose to persevere
  • Take away the “5 Things Resilient People Do” to apply them in your own life
  • Avoid the “optimism trap” and learn why popular motivational “positivism” does NOT apply to the reality of enduring true hardship and commence healing
  • Experience by example how Brian applies the principles of perseverance in his own life-changing challenges and triumphs.
  • Embrace follow-up application exercises to create your own action plan to transform your most difficult challenges into your most valuable assets.

In short, discover your game plan to know exactly what to do and how to do it to overcome personal crisis and be better for it.

Program Outline

Perseverance Defined

4 Components to Perseverance

Overview of 5 Things Resilient People Do

  1. Believe growth is a choice
  2. Stare down hard reality
  3. Find a higher meaning in pain
  4. Use pain to heal others
  5. Visualize the extraordinary