Leadership Integrity

Leadership Integrity is a workplace seminar that makes the business case for organizational effectiveness through top-down trust. Brian Patrick Jensen  explains “how trust works” with fervent candor  and implores managers and senior executives to embrace integrity as a critical competency for any leader.  In fact, the main premise is that there is nothing more essential to leadership and personal success than integrity.

More About this Presentation

Brian Patrick Jensen offers an “Integrity Leadership” seminar for workplace managers and senior executives, including championing  the business case for trustworthiness as bona fide job qualification at all employee levels.  Brian implores organizational leaders that integrity is a top-down proposition and that workplace trust is “by far and away the number one  driver toward personal and company success.”  Upon establishing the business case for organizational trust, Brian teaches specific leadership competencies, including concerning “executive maturity” and emotional intelligence. He additionally shares communication strategies that foster a more transparent, empowering and trustworthy culture. This presentation is a favorite among top executive audiences such as Vistage Groups.  Human Resource Management professionals and frontline managers are also keen to embrace Leadership Integrity to help them succeed.

Presentation Outline

Integrity Leadership

The Business Case for Integrity

Pillars of Customer Trust

Value of Organizational Trust

How Trust Works

Executive Maturity

Leadership EQ

Communicating Trustworthiness

Why Employees Don’t Trust

Puting Integrity Into Action