Brian Patrick Jensen

Newly Deaf Executive Inspires Many

Lansdale, Pennsylvania – Brian Patrick Jensen is a 50-year-old Montgomery County, Pennsylvania businessman with a story to tell. Less than two years ago Jensen suffered sudden hearing loss.  As a result, Mr. Jensen—who could previously hear “just fine” with the help of high-amp hearing aids —is now profoundly deaf.

Despite the setback, the Lansdale father of two teenage daughters, remains extremely active and comes highly recommended as top human resources and corporate communications executive for his most recent full time employer. “It’s been tough, but the company was accommodating as we all learned to adjust,” Jensen says.,

“Creative use of communications technologies and voice-to-text captioning applications allow me to do everything I have to do to be effective in meetings, on the phone, while training employees, leading my team and fulfilling all of my other executive responsibilities.”  But staying on top of his game at work was just one of Jensen’s challenges. “There is a grieving and acceptance process to something like this that’s very personal and difficult to explain,” Jensen says. “And then I discovered that the more I took pains to reach out and explain it, the more I healed!”

Enter Jensen’s namesake blog and signature public speaking service, An adult educator and corporate trainer by trade, Jensen says that he first launched the new venture hoping to leverage his public speaking experience for side jobs. “But as I honed my message, something else happened that I didn’t expect,” Jensen marvels.

“The audience response to my stories evoked a sense of grateful accomplishment that far exceeds any prior career achievement,” Jensen observes.  “Candidly sharing my struggles became my best weapon to overcome these hardships by inspiring others to face down their own troubles in the same way!” Jensen exclaims.

The formula appears to resonate. Jensen began blogging on his self-made WordPress website in July 2011 and his stark message of silent-perseverance has already touched thousands.  Buoyed by his essays being republished on popular online-inspiration venues, including, Jensen’s contributions have received thousands of Facebook “Likes” and hundreds of grateful comments from teary-eyed readers. Audience Cheers and Tears testimonials on Jensen’s website offer extraordinary tributes to his “very raw, very honest, painful and yet beautiful” stories. “Your writings are soul touching.” Exclaims an inspired fan.

His most popular messages, include Listening from the Heart to his 6th-grade daughter’s graduation speech just days after losing his hearing; a heartwarming poem to his daughters, Angel Voices; a touching yarn about 3rd graders teaching him sign language; and a tearful holiday post about his soundless late night excursion on a local shopping mall.

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