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New blog by deaf  author ‘resonates’  

Lansdale, Pennsylvania – Brian Patrick Jensen is a Montgomery County, Pennsylvania resident, proud Father of two teenage daughters and a successful business executive.

“I have been blessed in every way.” Jensen observes with smile.  “Sure I had some auditory loss for a few years, but with hearing aids I was fine.”

That all changed in June 2010, when Jensen, who is now 50, suffered sudden dramatic hearing loss that left him profoundly and permanently deaf. “It felt like cold, dark, silence.” Jensen stoically recalls.  His steely choice of words gives pause.

In a recent interview, Jensen was asked, “How did you first react to suddenly going deaf?”  His response: “My first reaction was intense fear and an incredible overwhelming feeling that this was gonna really suck. Then I thought, ‘How am I going to hear the music when I dance with my daughters at their weddings?’”

His pointed, ingenuous response is classic Brian Patrick Jensen material. “Brian has a knack for stark eloquence” say commentators. “There is a grieving and acceptance process to something like this that’s very personal and difficult to explain,” Jensen says. “And then I discovered that the more I took pains to reach out and explain it, the more I healed.”

Enter Jensen’s namesake blog and signature public speaking at

.“Your writings are soul touching.”

Mr. Jensen began posting his stories in July 2011; and his stark message of silent-perseverance has already touched thousands.  Audience Cheers and Tears testimonials on his website offer extraordinary tributes to his “very raw, very honest, painful and yet beautiful” essays. “Your writings are soul touching” exclaims an inspired fan.

Jensen’s most popular messages, include Listening from the Heart to his 6th-grade daughter’s graduation speech just days after losing his hearing; a touching yarn about 3rd graders teaching him sign language; and a tearful holiday post about his soundless late night excursion the week before Christmas on a local shopping mall.

These very personal accounts are peppered within a unique blend of posts and presentation materials that leverage Jensen’s business background in leadership development and human resources.  His “Switch HR” approach to employee performance management and workplace change have been hallmark topics throughout his career. “Inspirational Leadership,” Jensen calls it.

Taking Notice

People in the deaf and hard of hearing community have taken notice too. Assisted by real time-captioning,  his mostly deaf and hard of hearing audiences were “deeply inspired” by his presentations  on “Perseverance” at Hearing Loss Association of America (HLAA) chapter meetings in April and June, says chapter president, Marianne Lock. “Everyone loved it!” Lock raved.

Jensen’s posts have been picked up on and he was recently featured by TDI World Magazine, an advocacy publisher for open communication access for people who are deaf and hard of hearing.  Jensen will be a main speaker to kick off this year’s Association for Latent-Deafened Adults (ALDA) national conference in October.

Locally, Jensen was subject of New Year’s article in the North Penn Reporter and Montgomery County Times Herald. In march, The Bucks County Times Herald reported his 3rd-grade class visit experience and he was recently interviewed live on WNPV Radio.

Cabrini College just featured him in their Alumni News and he received raves for recent speaking engagements at Cabrini, The Presidents Group (local CEOs)  and for the Greater Valley Forge Human Resources Association.

Jensen is also a contributor to the popular motivational website, “Our readers love Brian,” says the publisher, Eric Handler. “His message resonates!”


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  1. Richard procunier says:

    Juat read your tdi world interview. I am also late defined, retired. You did not mention hybrid captioning hard line plus Internet. I have both captel(2 hard lines) but found that Captioncall ( hybrid) must have convinced Ultratec to put on special captioners because they are faster and make fewer mistakes. I also agree with you that single room captioning service must be allowed – maybe with an extra charge. One thing that is abused is Spanish captioning used by family members for translation. No attempt by FCC to close that.

    Do you know Lary Goldberg of the media access center WGBH? He is great. Maybe I will see you in Providence for HLAA convention. I will be sitting with Brenda Battat at banquet with my wife.


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