Roger Ebert (1942 - 2013)

Inspiration that Speaks for Itself

This 2011 TED-Talk featuring film critic Roger Ebert offers inspiration that speaks for itself. A popular television personality, Ebert was diagnosed with papillary thyroid cancer in 2002 and later salivary gland cancer.  In 2006, Ebert suffered life-threatening complications after jaw surgery to remove more cancerous tissue.

The trauma left Ebert permanently unable to ever vocalize speech again. Undaunted, Ebert adopted a computerized voice system to communicate, eventually using a copy of his own voice created from archives of his previous TV and radio recordings. Ebert lost his ability to speak; but he did not lose his voice! Whenever, I get down about losing my hearing, I fetch myself up because of awesome stories like this one.

Roger Ebert died on April 4 2013, at the age of 70, ending his 11-year battle with cancer. May his timeless voice continue to resonate with all of us.

I have also included a link to the transcript  for the benefit of my friends who are deaf and hard of hearing.


Video: Career Success Seminar

This 90-second news report from Cabrini College demonstrates Brian Patrick Jensen presenting a career success seminar and provides a great glimpse of Brian in action. Look closely at the side-presentation screens where CART voice-to-text real time captioning is projected so Brian can see everything being said during his seminar, making Brian’s interactions with trainees seamless.  In wrap-up interview remarks, Brian also explains why his experience with sudden hearing loss inspired his signature public speaking seminars about leadership and overcoming obstacles to achieve success.



Video: Dynamics to Change

In this 4 minute video Brian Patrick Jensen outlines the four key dynamics toward self improvement and accomplishing positive personal change. Brian’s complete lecture demonstrates how sustained behavioral change and true personal growth are possible by addressing each dynamic working in unison. This video provides a very good example of Brian’s presentation style and spirited enthusiasm.