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New blog by deaf  author ‘resonates’  

Lansdale, Pennsylvania – Brian Patrick Jensen is a Montgomery County, Pennsylvania resident, proud Father of two teenage daughters and a successful business executive.

“I have been blessed in every way.” Jensen observes with smile.  “Sure I had some auditory loss for a few years, but with hearing aids I was fine.”

That all changed in June 2010, when Jensen, who is now 50, suffered sudden dramatic hearing loss that left him profoundly and permanently deaf. “It felt like cold, dark, silence.” Jensen stoically recalls.  His steely choice of words gives pause.

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Featured in TDI World Magazine


TDI World Magazine offers “Technical News and Commentary for Deaf and Hard of Hearing People.”  TDI World is, well,  a real a magazine in the hard-copy sense, and they don’t offer an online version or blog.

Shame, they should.  Their reporting is insightful and their mission is worthy.   I was interviewed in Q & A format by TDI reporter, Bill Graham. It was a great opportunity to reflect on my short, but eventful oh-so hard of hearing adventure to date.

It also gave me a chance to express my appreciation for technology gizmos that are making my life much richer and far better. And what a privilege to share my experience, strength and hope with those who, in turn, inspire me most. Here’s a copy of the article in PDF format. Or just click on the image.


Brian Patrick Jensen

Newly Deaf Executive Inspires Many

Lansdale, Pennsylvania – Brian Patrick Jensen is a 50-year-old Montgomery County, Pennsylvania businessman with a story to tell. Less than two years ago Jensen suffered sudden hearing loss.  As a result, Mr. Jensen—who could previously hear “just fine” with the help of high-amp hearing aids —is now profoundly deaf.

Despite the setback, the Lansdale father of two teenage daughters, remains extremely active and comes highly recommended as top human resources and corporate communications executive for his most recent full time employer. “It’s been tough, but the company was accommodating as we all learned to adjust,” Jensen says.,

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