Getting Real about Workforce Diversity

Speech transcript on “Real About Diversity” first delivered to the Tri-State Human Resource Management Association Diversity Program (October 26, 2012). Learn more about this keynote & view presentation slides here.

Until I did it for me

I ponder the numbers a lot these days. —25 years of service in human resource management, overseeing employment of thousands of people.  Yet I never came across a job candidate who was deaf or hard of hearing that was apparent or known to me.  And I never, not even once, directed workplace accommodations or otherwise assisted an employee who I knew to be deaf or severely hard of hearing. Of that great honor, I had zero experience.

Until I did it for me! Since losing hearing in June 2010, I served as Vice President of Human Resources and lived the experience in the workplace.  Oh what humble paradox that this was my stock-in-trade!

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Perseverance and Job Success

Last week was a great one for presentations, including a terrific stint with fellow Alumni at Cabrini College.  The topic was Perseverance and Jobs: Job Success in Any Economy.  I was kindly invited by Rachel McCarter,  Director of Alumni Relations, to meet and greet with fellow Cabrini graduates from all walks.  The occasion was the first in a Cavaliers in Transition (“C.I.T.”)  series, a networking and career building program for Alumni who are in all stages of their career.

Joining the esteemed group were Cabrini’s best-of-best Career-guiders, Nancy Hutchison, Director, Cooperative Education and Career Services, and, Samantha Gil, Assistant Director, Cooperative Education & Career Services– whew!  That’s a lot of alumni and career expertise in one small room!

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