Getting Real about Workforce Diversity

Speech transcript on “Real About Diversity” first delivered to the Tri-State Human Resource Management Association Diversity Program (October 26, 2012). Learn more about this keynote & view presentation slides here.

Until I did it for me

I ponder the numbers a lot these days. —25 years of service in human resource management, overseeing employment of thousands of people.  Yet I never came across a job candidate who was deaf or hard of hearing that was apparent or known to me.  And I never, not even once, directed workplace accommodations or otherwise assisted an employee who I knew to be deaf or severely hard of hearing. Of that great honor, I had zero experience.

Until I did it for me! Since losing hearing in June 2010, I served as Vice President of Human Resources and lived the experience in the workplace.  Oh what humble paradox that this was my stock-in-trade!

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Inspired by True Success

I am so grateful for the insights bestowed by my deaf adventure. I am a better man than I have ever been because of it.


“ALDA” is the Association of Late-Deafened Adults—a global membership of people who are deaf or hard of hearing; and most who, like me, lost the gift of crystal sound in their adult lifetime. Their, er… our  2012 International “ALDAcon” annual conference was held in Columbia, South Carolina.

On Friday, October 19on my 51st birthday it so happened— I presented as Keynote Speaker at the kickoff luncheon.  I also gave a workshop on “Perseverance” later that afternoon.

And so I stood, giving a speech to an audience who mostly couldn’t hear me, but who understood every word I said; and imploring triumph over disability, isolation and prejudice to courageous fighters who know far more about those subjects than I.

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6 Things Resilient People Do

I revised my presentation on Perseverance for the benefit of the Hearing Loss Association of America (HLAA) Bucks County Chapter. I was honored to present at their local meeting in Richboro Pennsylvania on Monday June 11 amidst soft pretzels and Rita’s water ice.  No wonder so many people showed up!  The core discussion  focused on 6 things resilient people do.  As I always do, I promised to pass the slides on to all attendees.  So here’s the latest and greatest viewable below and downloadable from SlideShare. Read more

Presenting on Perseverance

I gave this presentation on Tuesday April 10, 2012 @ 7pm at the Clarke School for Hearing and Speech in Bryn Mawr, PA.  This lecture was sponsored by the Gen X of Delaware Valley, Montgomery County Chapter of the Hearing Loss Association of America. The group kindly asked me for copies of the slides, which I am happy to share with the world below.  You can download the presentation from SlideShare.  Read more


Perseverance and Job Success

Last week was a great one for presentations, including a terrific stint with fellow Alumni at Cabrini College.  The topic was Perseverance and Jobs: Job Success in Any Economy.  I was kindly invited by Rachel McCarter,  Director of Alumni Relations, to meet and greet with fellow Cabrini graduates from all walks.  The occasion was the first in a Cavaliers in Transition (“C.I.T.”)  series, a networking and career building program for Alumni who are in all stages of their career.

Joining the esteemed group were Cabrini’s best-of-best Career-guiders, Nancy Hutchison, Director, Cooperative Education and Career Services, and, Samantha Gil, Assistant Director, Cooperative Education & Career Services– whew!  That’s a lot of alumni and career expertise in one small room!

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