Experience Without a Sound

Speaker Match

I recently joined (Note: originally written in August, 2011) a public speaker’s forum on LinkedIn, called SpeakerMatch.  There, I navigated to a discussion string which proffered the following for comment:

There are a million people who share YOUR story. What makes you stand out as a speaker? Why should anyone hire you? What makes you stand out? 

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family all

My Dear Siblings

God Chosen 

Did you know that sibling relationships are the likely longest you will share in your lifetime?  Makes sense. Brothers and sisters are there for most of us from memory-start.

We don’t choose our siblings. God does. Which proffers strong argument that we should love them even more.  Mom and Dad had five kids— three boys, two girls and each of us nary more than a year apart. Irish Twins! Born between 1959 and 1965, in age-old  order, it is Kathleen, Michael, Brian (that’s me), Eileen and Christopher. Read more


God’s Precious Audio

Pondering on and on

It was early in my hard of hearing adventure. I was still reeling from being suddenly stricken. I was queasy and despondent, trudging each day with ever fading hope that my hearing would somehow miraculously return. The doctors already assured me that it would not.

Holding on to false hope when you know it is false is a terrible place to be.

But I kept waiting.  Holding on to false hope when you know it is false is a terrible place to be.  I was physically whipped, having suffered multiple bouts of vertigo that rendered me ever off balance and, it seemed, perpetually nauseous from the spins. So strange. Motion sickness without the motion.  Ugh. I felt so sick. So defeated. Read more