Sung by Precious Hands of Children

The following story is taken largely from an email that I sent to friends and loved ones when first dealing with my hearing loss. Here goes:

I knew nothing about American Sign Language (ASL) when my hearing problems first started.  My indifference did not stop a dear friend from taking the initiative to begin learning ASL on her own. This friend also happens to be a third grade teacher at a great school district in Bucks County.  So she began her proactive quest to learn a little sign language, including sharing her new found skills with her 8-year-old students. The children also seemed to take to it with some enthusiasm. The teacher explained to her students that she had a friend (me) who recently suffered sudden hearing loss and that’s why she wanted to learn sign.


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Sean the Great “Sign” of His Time

I have a great friend who so kindly welcomes me to his home frequently enough where I have gotten to know his entire family. Since my profound hearing loss, this is a family who has “taken me in” so to speak, and I value our time together.  My friend (the “Dad”) has been a true inspiration and “Coach” to me. He has kindly guided me with my running (which helps my balance).  I take diet and other exercise tips from him too (sometimes!). He participates in triathlons, exercises regularly and is a great role model for me for good health and, more impressively, as a great Dad. He’s a lucky man too– nice home life, good job, beautiful wife, four wonderful kids, and a new one on the way!

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Speaking on Hearing

Brian Patrick Jensen speaking without hearing

Speaking Stints

I was recently giving a motivational talk about developing your skills and abilities. The gist of the message concerned taking responsibility for that which you can truly nourish (yourself) and stop blaming the world for things you cannot change. Good stuff.

I had about a half hour; so the message had to be short and snappy. It was one of those stage deals in an auditorium-sized facility with the big presentation screens on the side and me being able to work the center stage with a roaming microphone. My audience was 400 or so, most of whom didn’t know about my hearing condition.

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