Illuminations Forevermore

John Adams’ Illuminations

“The day will be the most memorable in America.  It ought to be solemnized with pomp and parade…bonfires and illuminations (fireworks) from one end of this continent to the other, from this day forward, forevermore.”  -John Adams, in a letter to his wife, Abigail, after the Continental Congress proclaimed the American colonies independent from Britain.


John Adams’ “illuminations” always resonated with me. I absolutely positively love fireworks in an over-the-top patriotic childlike sort of way. Few entertainment venues inspire me more than a grand display of pyrotechnic missiles exploding in shimmering sparkles of magnesium dust across the steely sky. Read more


6 Things Resilient People Do

I revised my presentation on Perseverance for the benefit of the Hearing Loss Association of America (HLAA) Bucks County Chapter. I was honored to present at their local meeting in Richboro Pennsylvania on Monday June 11 amidst soft pretzels and Rita’s water ice.  No wonder so many people showed up!  The core discussion  focused on 6 things resilient people do.  As I always do, I promised to pass the slides on to all attendees.  So here’s the latest and greatest viewable below and downloadable from SlideShare. Read more


The Sound of Dreams at Graduation

Musical Memory

I first noticed it last summer at the ballpark during the National Anthem.  The crowd stands; I put hand on heart and look to read their lips and sing along. I stammer, then draw a blank. How does it go? I know every word, of course; but I can’t sing it. I forget the melody—jeez, even to The Star Spangled Banner!

It was a cruel realization—my memory of musical melodies was fading away.  Two years ago, I was stricken deaf at the age of 48 and external song was suddenly denied.  Then, as weeks of silence became months, I began to forget the sound of sound.  Within a year, I could rarely play a tune in my head anymore. Sadly, all music—external and internal—were effectively gone.

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Clear Captioned Gratitude

ClearCaptions for Mobile Use — Great Stuff!

Every Word You Say

I experienced triumph over pain last week that at-a-glance may seem unremarkable. It concerns a free iPhone App and real-time captioning service called ClearCaptions. It’s pretty nifty. ClearCaptions translates voice to text and allows me to see a callers words on my iPhone display. It works great—you say it, I see it. I talk back as normal and we enjoy a complete conversation. Simple. Read more

kids signing from Sign2me

Third Grade Kids are Deaf Defying!

Third Grade Class Visit

Last year around this time I visited a third grade classroom because the kids wanted to meet a deaf person and demonstrate their new-learned American Sign Language (ASL) skills.  The experience was remarkable. I savored the story as one of my first posts on this-here web site. And guess what?  I was invited back again this year!

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