Workplace double-dumb

Burning Firm

Last year, I marveled at a discussion string in a popular LinkedIn HR Network Group that fetched hundreds of comments over several months.  The topic: annual performance reviews. Again. It’s an age old debate that, for some inexplicable reason, persistently seems to strike nasty-nerve at the very core of the human resource management  profession.

But I honestly haven’t a business-clue why a debate seethes at all. Thus, my own flair for high-performance management burns firmly against conventional systems stubbornly stuck in workplace double-dumb. This common workplace folly consists of two equally stupid parts:

1.) Company-mandated performance appraisals
2.) Incremental annual increases to base salary

Do people perform jobs better because these programs exist? No. Is worker productivity improved as a direct result of performance appraisals and infrequent incremental upticks to base salary? Of course not.

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Video: Career Success Seminar

This 90-second news report from Cabrini College demonstrates Brian Patrick Jensen presenting a career success seminar and provides a great glimpse of Brian in action. Look closely at the side-presentation screens where CART voice-to-text real time captioning is projected so Brian can see everything being said during his seminar, making Brian’s interactions with trainees seamless.  In wrap-up interview remarks, Brian also explains why his experience with sudden hearing loss inspired his signature public speaking seminars about leadership and overcoming obstacles to achieve success.



Two Click Tribute to Steve Jobs


Click One

Okay, let’s get this straight right off the bat. I ain’t an expert on the life and times of Steve Jobs. I never met the man. But I do recognize  a grande  tribute when I see one.  So I’m piling on!  There have been gazillions of salutes to Mr. Jobs upon the news of his death on October 6th. The passionate homage of thousands was unleashed at internet speed. Momentous testaments topped headlines worldwide. The mass eulogy continues unabated in blogs, business journals and news magazines.  Yet with all the hype, speed and simplicity carried the sad day. Enter the two-click web memorial courtesy of Google and Apple. Surely you noticed?  Open your browser and there it was. From the Google home page, the announcement  came simple and true. No blaring headline, no fancy font– just the news:  Steve Jobs, 1955 – 2011.

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Decisions in the Middle are Nowhere

I just blogged last week about varying behaviors demonstrated by Wimps, Facilitators and Leaders.  There was much ado about how Wimps play the middle with inaction while Facilitators interject constructively to affect positive outcomes. Leaders, meanwhile, take firm positions on one side or create new stands with passion and certainty. This post is a spinoff of sorts to that mantra.  It concerns making decisions by consensus, getting feedback, using counsel and soliciting advice.  All good, you say?   I think not.

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