Make a Decision. Jump into the Fray

Make A Decision

George W. Bush was not a great orator by any stretch. But he did hit his groove shortly after the horrific 9/11 attacks. Addressing the entire world fixed on the unfolding drama, Bush unleashed one of his most famous quotes: Either you are with us or you are with the terrorists. The implications of that simple statement were clear: There is no middle. We are the good guys; the terrorists are the bad guys–and every government on the planet has to pick a side and make a decision now.

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The 10th Thing Successful People Do Differently

[bquote_right]“Give me the gist” he says. “And, if I’m still interested, I will get to the details later.” Then he never does. He is too busy, you see.[/bquote_right]

Conventional wisdom insists that people highly favor short bullet points, memorable visuals and succinct lists. Conference goers, workplace trainees, online readers, even academics in study mode are busy, busy, busy people.  In-depth analysis has taken a down and dirty back seat.  The Internet has cinched it. We are determined that whatever the message– no matter how profound or insightful– not get bogged down and “lost” in it’s own minutia detail. Read more