Tragic Death Reminds Perseverance

“We grow when our life sucks.”

Believe it or not, that was the headliner on a recent post in Psychology Today. Sure, it’s not exactly clinical terminology, but profoundly accurate nevertheless. When we are satisfied we don’t move. But when life sucks, we do.

Yet pain, in itself, does not necessarily evoke positive motion. Sometimes personal crisis paralyzes people. Others wallow in the pity of hard times. Still many more deny misfortune as unhappiness simmers. Then there are those who allow difficulty to change them, but not for the better.  Pain moves them all right, but in the wrong direction. Each tough challenge chips away at their tired spirit.

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CART Enhanced Communications

Equal Listening Opportunity

If you are a public speaker committed to equal listening opportunity for all, then you gotta have Communications Access Realtime Translation (CART)With CART, everything that is said is “captioned” live for deaf and hard of hearing folks. Think of CART as closed captioning for non-broadcast settings, such as classrooms, churches, training meetings and conferences, and, don’t forget, for all inspirational public speaking engagements by Brian Patrick Jensen

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Avoid Isolation and Live!


Lifelines for People with Hearing Loss is a worthy read in the New York Times which did well to raise awareness about the extraordinary challenges faced by millions of people who are hard of hearing.  It parlayed to medical evidence correlating progressive hearing loss and dementia; and it theorized that those who suffer gradual auditory decline may have “diminished cognitive reserve” due to “overworked brains” as they struggle to accommodate.

I was fascinated. I could relate, for example, how my mind goes into overdrive attempting to interpret visual cues all day. This new way of “listening” to you takes considerable mental effort to ascertain even a fraction of your abundant vocal eloquence now denied.

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Leadership Writing Precisely

Sharing with Passion

There is high merit to sharing ideas with passion.  The Internet has cinched it. It levels the playing field for thought leaders from all walks of life. Less appealing is the Followers game.  On Twitter it is accounting by Retweets, Mentions and, well, Followers.  On Facebook, the chase is for Fans, Likes, Comments and Shares. LinkedIn buzz  speaks of Contacts and Connections. Google + implores ever widening Circles.

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