Leadership Writing Precisely

Sharing with Passion

There is high merit to sharing ideas with passion.  The Internet has cinched it. It levels the playing field for thought leaders from all walks of life. Less appealing is the Followers game.  On Twitter it is accounting by Retweets, Mentions and, well, Followers.  On Facebook, the chase is for Fans, Likes, Comments and Shares. LinkedIn buzz  speaks of Contacts and Connections. Google + implores ever widening Circles.

Our leadership egos are mesmerized by this provocative numbers game. We demand to be heard.  The more followers, me thinks, the better. Read more


Never Let Go

My Baby’s Pain

I watched in nervous marvel as my baby daughter insisted to venture from crawling to walking undaunted by hundreds of prior failed attempts. Pulling herself up, she stumbles, tilts and bonks her head on the coffee table. Ouch. That one hurt.

Her piercing cry penetrates my very soul.

There is a millisecond flash of stunned confusion on her angelic face as this strange unwelcome thing called ‘pain’ registers in her budding new brain. Then her pure-white innocence twists red as the incomprehensible injustice blooms a stinging discomfort across her blameless forehead. Yow!

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Workplace double-dumb

Burning Firm

Last year, I marveled at a discussion string in a popular LinkedIn HR Network Group that fetched hundreds of comments over several months.  The topic: annual performance reviews. Again. It’s an age old debate that, for some inexplicable reason, persistently seems to strike nasty-nerve at the very core of the human resource management  profession.

But I honestly haven’t a business-clue why a debate seethes at all. Thus, my own flair for high-performance management burns firmly against conventional systems stubbornly stuck in workplace double-dumb. This common workplace folly consists of two equally stupid parts:

1.) Company-mandated performance appraisals
2.) Incremental annual increases to base salary

Do people perform jobs better because these programs exist? No. Is worker productivity improved as a direct result of performance appraisals and infrequent incremental upticks to base salary? Of course not.

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Video: Career Success Seminar

This 90-second news report from Cabrini College demonstrates Brian Patrick Jensen presenting a career success seminar and provides a great glimpse of Brian in action. Look closely at the side-presentation screens where CART voice-to-text real time captioning is projected so Brian can see everything being said during his seminar, making Brian’s interactions with trainees seamless.  In wrap-up interview remarks, Brian also explains why his experience with sudden hearing loss inspired his signature public speaking seminars about leadership and overcoming obstacles to achieve success.