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Top 10 Leadership Websites

Each year the Independent Association for Business nominates the “Top 10″ web resources in multiple categories, including THE TOP 10 LEADERSHIP WEBSITES which reflect a Hall of Fame of sorts of the the most respected and renowned motivational and innovative Leadership Experts in the world.

Sean the Great “Sign” of His Time

I have a great friend who so kindly welcomes me to his home frequently enough where I have gotten to know his entire family. Since my profound hearing loss, this is a family who has “taken me in” so to speak, and I value our time together.  My friend (the “Dad”) has been a true […]

Speaking on Hearing

Speaking Stints I was recently giving a motivational talk about developing your skills and abilities. The gist of the message concerned taking responsibility for that which you can truly nourish (yourself) and stop blaming the world for things you cannot change. Good stuff. I had about a half hour; so the message had to be […]