A Message that Resonates!

With no prior publicity or following Brian Patrick Jensen began blogging on his self-created WordPress website in July 2011 and his stark message of silent-perseverance has already touched thousands. Brian’s heartwarming essays were immediately picked up by popular online venues, including PositivelyPositive.com.  His contributions have received thousands of Facebook “Likes” and many hundreds of grateful comments from teary-eyed readers:

Your writing is soul touching.

Absolutely Beautiful.  Every single word brought tears to my eyes.

Wonderfully inspirational. Bravo, Brian!

They say when you lose a sense the others become stronger, yours Brian, was your sense of giving back, or forward!

How utterly beautiful. I too know “The Sadness” after my own life changing journey, and what you said struck a deep, deep resonating chord that had me utilizing my sleeve surreptitiously!!

This was very raw, very honest, painful and yet beautiful to read.

Wishing Brian blessings of hearing his own music in the quiet stillness. Too beautiful for words…..thank you.

God bless you, you who hear more than we with hearing!

My brother is deaf…. Simply good.

Brian, thank you for sharing your innermost thoughts with us. Your reflection of emotion flowed so beautifully from wave of sadness to joy…I’m sharing in your tears and  happiness. Thank you.

I love your voice; what I hear has beautiful volume, you’re equipped with the most wonderful equalizer. Your heart speaks loud & clear!

Brian, your story really touched me. I am helping raise a 6-year-old deaf grandson. He sees beauty that most people take for granted.

We take so much for granted.  Absolutely beautiful!

To grieve a loss and then welcome a new perspective…Beautifully written… beautiful… just beautiful….

Brian, I cannot believe the inspiration you have just bestowed on a very cynical, young, but old soul. It is things like this that make me hold on to my faith and realize  what a true gift life is! Thank you for sharing this inner truth! You are a true angel.

Awesome. If you have a song in your heart the music will never die.

I have to say, this really helped me. I have lupus and fibromyalgia and sometimes I’m in so much pain after work I can’t walk. Thank You for reminding me how blessed I am to even be alive.

Reading your story was amazing; the songs of Christmas mean so much more to me at this moment.

I know how you may feel, Brian, I’m deaf too and I know how hard it hits you, to miss all the beauty of hearing.

This was so very beautiful and touching!  It is in your heart:)

I know everyone is busy celebrating. But if you have a chance, read this blog…very touching… I read it all and it made me cry a bit too.

Very, very touching & thought provoking. I felt a peace within my spirit after reading this. Thanks for sharing.

I had a stroke 8 years ago but I won’t let it stop me.  I’m 77 and it isn’t easy for me either.  Keep looking at the beautiful world around you, Brian.  There is so much to see.  We enjoy your beautiful words.

I was born deaf and received the gift of hearing at the age of five. Thank you for reminding me of the quiet beauty of our lives.

Truly beautiful with a touching story. I cannot imagine.

Brian, I really enjoyed reading your blog.  Almost 30 years ago, the deaf community touched my life.  It has been a quiet blessing many times over.  Thank you for sharing.

Your sharing touches me.  We spend so much time regretting what we don’t have we forget to be grateful for the things we do have.

That made me cry. God bless you.

Wow. I cannot find the words to describe how this has effected me.

Awesome, really!