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“What really matters is that I connect with my
audience so participants walk away with insight
and a game plan to apply lessons learned to improve
their life.”
- Brian Patrick Jensen
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About Brian

Brian Patrick Jensen, Inc. is a signature public speaking and niche training service and inspiring namesake blog. Brian is an award winning business executive and workplace innovator renowned throughout his career for his spirited presentations and straight-talk.

In 2010 Brian suffered profound hearing loss; and he is now deaf. The experience inspired him to re-brand his Switch HR human resources consulting practice to focus on his greatest passion–inspiring essays and motivational presentations on leadership, personal excellence and overcoming obstacles to achieve business, career and life success.

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What others say about Brian Patrick Jensen


They say when you lose a sense the others become stronger, yours Brian, was your sense of giving back, or forward!

Anna Vandana

How utterly beautiful. I too know “The Sadness” after my own life changing journey, and what you said struck a deep, deep resonating chord that had me utilizing my sleeve surreptitiously!!

Anna VandanaProducerMedia Wiki
Trevor Milli

Brian, thank you for sharing your innermost thoughts with us. Your reflection of emotion flowed so beautifully from wave of sadness to joy…I’m sharing in your tears and  happiness. Thank you.

Trevor MilliPublic SpeakerMax Mobilcom
Dr. Naomi

I love your voice; what I hear has beautiful volume, you’re equipped with the most wonderful equalizer. Your heart speaks loud & clear!

Dr. NaomiProfessorDoom Inc